A colophon is a note about the making of a book – here is a draft text for the ‘call to action’ project.


Please Join Us is a response to the constant barrage of messages from organizations that seek to command our attention.

Students in Advanced Design & Typography sourced, scanned, and remixed flyers from the campus and the city, isolating their calls to action and recontextualizing them as part of an experimental writing, design, and publishing project.

Sarah Holland
Esther Jeon
Kate Jeon
Ying Luo
Daniel Moreno
Helen Nie
Mana Sazegara
Andrew Shen

Michelle Taransky, faculty, Creative Writing
Joshua Zerangue, artist/printer, Recital Press
David Comberg, faculty, Fine Arts

Printed, November 2017 by Recital Press, in an edition of 40. Typeface: Untitled.

© 2017 University of Pennsylvania, Undergraduate Fine Arts


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