Future Nation Brand


Future Nation Brand
David Comberg
Media: sewn vinyl flags and inkjet prints
Size: variable
Collaborators: Peter Bain, Chadd Johnson, Jamer Hunt, John Overmyer and
150 middle school students

What if the visual identity for a new nation were developed using the branding techniques graphic designers employ for corporations? Future Nation Brand is a speculative visual identity for an emerging nation. As new nations are born (South Sudan) and sovereign states are rebuilt from pre-existing political entities (Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Crimea) or consolidated (European Union), new designs are needed to represent their ideals and distinguish them from their previous history. How similar are the desires of corporations, candidates, and countries to be seen as unique, trusted, and valued?

This national identity (for the fictional nation, Anandia) includes name, typography, color, national animal, national plant, emblem, and flag. Each is based on data collected from a survey ofPhiladelphia 150 middle school students.


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