Project 3: Experimental Design, Writing, Publishing

This project is a collaborative effort to write, design and publish ‘potential literature’ as a book, website, blog, or other public form(s). Working with Creative Writing faculty Michelle Taransky, and artist/printer Josh Zerangue, the project should reveal and interpret observations of urban space and Philadelphia culture. Students will be responsible to collectively frame the project, write/edit short texts, design, and publish the resulting visual and textual material.

Readings for Tuesday, Oct 31:

Monica de la Torre, Into the Maze: Oulipo

Georges Perec, Approaches to What?*  or here.

Georges Perec, Attempt at an Inventory

First my Motorola by Nemerov

Practice from Everyday Life, James Goggin

Your Country is Great, Ara Shirinyan 


Exercises in Style, Queneau, Wikipedia

Mass Observation: Wiki description


For Tuesday, Oct 31:

Discuss readings and potential concepts – Michelle and Josh will join us at 915 for a one-hour concept session – the goal is to reach consensus for preliminary designs by end of class and develop a plan and schedule to publish by the end of semester. Previous examples, below:




words we like

Manifesto, Julian Rosefeldt

Text/Image Generators:

Library of the Printed Web

Dada Poetry Generator

Lauren Hallden’s Online Dating Ipsum

Corporate Gibberish Generator

Latest 50 Images Uploaded to Live Journal


Rachel Hines Touch and Go Project

Art Center 2014: One Word

Setting the rules or constraints for language:

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 7.20.50 PM


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