Creating the Cinemagraph

I created a Boomerang in Instagram, uploaded it to my computer, and worked with layers placed over that to create this gif. There are a few areas to be ironed out.

  1. Decrease in quality of image when exported
  2. Animation smoothness when exported
  3. Create high-quality video for source file — this will create the base of stillness
  4. Decide on word to highlight in flickering letters
  5. Figure out how to create opacity in flickering letters so they’re less obvious
  6. Figure out an easier way than having 30 layers to create the flickering animation over a video file
  7. Apparently even though I exported it with the “Loop Forever” box clicked, it doesn’t loop forever


This is a continuation of my concept around contemporary: time, memory and the ownership of the human body. Today’s world is so large that we often lose sight of what our place in it is. I hope this will convey the sense of stillness and calm that I felt as I looked out on the world and became one with everyone else’s light.


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