Adobe releases Dimension CC

Just the other day, Adobe released a new app called “Dimension”, a 3D compositing tool for designers who want to combine their 2D images with tangible assets.

Watch the launch video here.

Dimension keeps things simple but is still powerful enough to allow designers to create photorealistic images for their packaging, product shots and branding needs. Using its machine learning smarts, the tool will try to automatically determine the best lighting for a scene and position its lighting source in the right spot. Dimension will also try to automatically align objects with the horizon.


I think this will be a great tool for brand designers to better visualize their logo/packaging/branding graphics on 3D collateral like cups, mugs, boxes, bags, etc. —  I’d love to test it out for my proposal for Project 2. I could also see value in Adobe Dimension for interior designers who want to understand how a piece of furniture or decor may look in a space with different types of lighting without actually being in the space.




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