Ying Luo_Project 4 Proposal

Project 4 Proposal

Ying Luo | Chinese Characters — a Pictorial Narration

Chinese writing system originated from the oracle bone scripts thousands years ago, when each character is a pictorial symbol of what it actually means. Nowadays in modern simplified Chinese a lot of characters are still pictographs. For this project I want to bring out the pictorial narration behind individual Chinese characters.

One of my inspiration is the Arabic illustrated word project by Mahmoud Tammam. Below are two examples:



However I wasn’t thinking about literal graphic representation of Chinese characters. I want to focus more on the character and Chinese typography themselves.

Some rough drafts I’ve made look like below:

Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 12.11.39 AM.png

In terms of media and forms, I’m thinking about paper. It could be a poster series or a set of flashcards. Flashcards would be fun I think, because they have two sides.

Here’s an animation of 36 Chinese characters. I think this is too literal of a representation. I wonder how I could tell the stories behind each individual character.


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