Project 4 – Zine

I was always interested in creating zines and prints, but never got the chance to explore it. For the final project, I want to create a series of zines with writing from my peers. I feel like everyone has something to say, something to write about, but often feel embarrassed or nervous about expressing themselves publicly. I hope this can be a space where people can freely express their thoughts and ideas about various topics. Each zine would be a different topic, broad enough for people to go in many different directions. Some topic ideas I have right now are – relationships, time, serendipity. The essays can be personal stories, theories, fictional, stream of consciousness – simply just whatever comes to their minds and whatever they want to express in relation to the topic. Though it won’t really reach a huge audience, I hope this helps my peers realize their thoughts are valuable and deserve to be heard.

Some inspiration I found :





The last two are part of a series called Stories of Stories by a designer named Lina Forsgren. “Stories of stories publishes retold stories of things that matters. Stories that we should read – that are historical, up-to-date, have had an impact on society or just have an important message to tell.”


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