The Built/Unbuilt – Monument Lab

I accidentally stumbled upon a weird looking viewfinder in Rittenhouse Square. It was one of those old metal ones that usually overlook a landmark with a view or a bridge in a faraway land, and was instantly attracted to it. The funny thing was that this one was pointing directly at the park and had a thick black cable coming out of one of its “eyes” I snapped a picture and it was only after I had done this that I realized that the viewfinder was actually one of the monuments from the Monument Lab! A quick stroll through Rittenhouse Square became our homework assignment as I approached and peered through the spectacles. The work, by Alexander Rosenberg, uses augmented reality to overlay historic photographs, animations, and videos over the scene of Rittenhouse Square. Looking through, you get transported back in time to see how the Square looked decades ago. It celebrates the heritage of one of my favorite places in Philly in a subtle and inconspicuous way.



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