Project 1 Documentation

Example of project 1 documentation – post to Project 1 page on blog.

MoMA design office portfolio

Minjun Chen | How One Becomes What One Is
Materials: Vinyl
Site: Addams Hall Elevator

This project explores the issues of self-identity and self-creativity. Located on the elevator door, the text from Friedrich Nietzsche encourages people to think about individual identity on the inside, and recognize the chaos in our unique identity that allows for creativity to develop our own ideas and explanations. In addition, chaos could be represented by any forms, materials and medium, and self-discovery of chaos will enable us to produce a dancing star. That is, we can produce great work through self-knowledge and self-creativity rather than conforming to other people. Finally, the Addams Elevator, is an enclosed space that can give this installed typography great power and meaning.


_o5a0114   _o5a0066_o5a0021   _o5a0044



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